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    Trappist Bundle (Large)

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    With this bundle you get the full Belgian Trappist experience, as we dive into 11 legendary Belgian Trappist beers. The perfect gift for any Belgian beer lover!

    This bundle consists of the following Belgian Trappist beers:

    Chimay Tripel (8% ABV 33cl)
    Chimay Blauw (9% ABV 33cl)
    Chimay Rood (7% ABV 33cl)
    Westmalle Tripel (9,5% ABV 33cl)
    Westmalle Dubbel (7% ABV 33cl)
    Westmalle Extra (4,8% ABV 33cl)
    Orval (6,2% ABV 33cl)

    Rochefort Triple Extra (8,1% ABV 33cl)
    Rochefort 6 (7,5% ABV 33cl)
    Rochefort 8 (9,2% ABV 33cl)
    Rochefort 10 (11,3% ABV 33cl)

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