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    Monk's Stout

    Brasserie Dupont
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    Brasserie Dupont started brewing this beer in the years after the second world war, to supply the demand from all the thirsty British soldiers stationed in the region. The Brits were used to drinking porters and stouts, but those were hard to find in Belgium at the time. This is were Monk's Stout comes into play.

    Monk's Stout was brewed to show gratitude to the many peacekeeping troops and to make their stay away from home a little easier and a lot tastier. This beer is a replica of the old British stouts, but with that being said this beer is still very Belgian. It is brewed on a traditional Belgian farmhouse brewery in Wallonia and you can definitely smell the fruity esters that comes from the yeast. A thing you would not find in the original British stouts. This trait makes Monk's Stout something quite different and something historically relevant. 

    As with the traditional beer style Saison this brewery is keeping the old beer styles alive. The brewmaster Olivier uses the seasonal spare capacity at the brewhouse to produce this exciting brew and for this reason Monk's Stout is not available year round, but will surely be kept alive by this amazing brewery way down in the south of Wallonia.

    Style Stout
    Size 330 ml
    Alcohol 5.2%
    Country Belgium
    Producer Brasserie Dupont

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