Straffe Hendrik Heritage 2019 - Køl
Straffe Hendrik Heritage 2019 - Køl

    Straffe Hendrik Heritage 2019

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    Straffe Hendrik Heritage is a special variety of the Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel, as it is a one year oak barrel aged beer. The beer is brewed in autumn and is only available in a limited edition.

    The taste and fragrance of the beer are very complex and evolve through the years. The tannin from the barrels blends exquisitely with the special malts in the beer.

    The combination of the spiciness and bitterness of the quadrupel with the subtle taste of wine and wood from the barrels is inimitable. Licorice and dark fruits like raisins, prunes and figs can also be discovered.

    With age the beer will develop a hint of porto as well.
    Fakta om Straffe Hendrik Heritage 2019
    Størrelse 750 ml
    Alkohol 11.0%