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    Coffee Puncher

    Fanø Bryghus
    66 kr

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    On Fanø they pour schnapps into their coffee and call the drink coffee punch. The recipe is not difficult, so you get it here:

    Coffee punch is made by placing a coin in the bottom of a coffee cup, and pouring coffee in until the coin can no longer be seen. Next, pour in the schnapps until the coin can be seen again through the diluted coffee.

    You can possibly sweeten the drink so it slides down more easily or you could just drink something else.

    It could be a bottle of Coffee Puncher that has come into the world with inspiration from coffee punch. This powerful imperial stout is added to a hefty coffee dosage before it is filled into oak barrels, which have recently been soaked with Brøndums Snaps.

    Size 500 ml
    Alcohol 11.5%
    Producer Fanø Bryghus