Imperial Barrel Aged Jule Porter - Køl

    Imperial Barrel Aged Jule Porter

    Fanø Bryghus
    86 kr

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    Fanø’s Imperial Barrel-Aged Jule Porter was brewed with coffee and cinnamon before being tucked tightly into Stauning Whisky Barrels for four months of rest. The results is a complex nose of fragrances that meet the you on first inspection; notes of coffee, chocolate, cinnamon and whiskey can be found immediately after pouring.

    Given time, this porter warms and additional aromas are unlocked and notes of vanilla and oak add to the beer’s aromatic profile. The warming flavors of whiskey, wood and roasted coffee beans reach out on first taste before slowly fading away, leaving the drinker with a lingering taste on cinnamon, licorice and vanilla.

    Size 500 ml
    Alcohol 10,3%
    Producer Fanø Bryghus