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    Westmalle Extra

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      Westmalle Extra is the only beer that Westmalle monks serve at the lunch table and until recently, Westmalle Extra was not available outside the monastery.

      It is still the only beer served inside the monastery and the production so far has been extremely limited, only available for purchase at the monastery gate on Fridays. To make it easier for everyone, Westmalle decided to send Westmalle Extra out into the regular trade and now ready to be enjoyed by you.

      With Westmalle Extra you get a light and full-bodied taste. Typical Westmalle aroma. The refreshing, thirst-quenching character makes this Trappist beer easily drinkable.

      An exceptional beer!

      Style Belgian Pale Ale
      Size 330 ml
      Alcohol 4.8%
      Country Belgium
      Producer Westmalle

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